Doors close, and doors open

I hope you all are having a good start to your 2014.

After a lot of consideration, I've decided to step down from running powerlifting events. Since 1988, I have been spending entire weekends at meets helping out. After 26 years, it's time to do something different.

I will continue to provide top quality graphic design for events, as a I am a freelance graphic designer and love to produce berautiful art!
I will also still lend a hand with Special Olympics powerlifting, since I am on board for running their qualifier in April, but I'm done running large meets for now.

This isn't something I decided overnight.
With juggling so many things, which include two very active kids' schedules, and graphic design work, the thought of doing something different has been there a while. Years, actually.

I am sure there will still be drug tested powerlifting events, in some fashion, in our state. I don't know of anyone, right off the top of my head, willing to step up and run a large scale event. But there are other options....lifters will continue lifting, and so will powerlifting events; they will continue due to the work of good people.

In closing, I can't say thank you enough to the many people that made the events possible. Behind the scenes, there is a LOT that goes into running a large, detailed championship, and it takes an army. I'm thankful for everyone of you that have agreed to help myself, as well as the lifters.

And thank you to the hundreds of lifters who have trained and come to compete. Dr. Mike Cissell said one time, "I just want to put on a good meet for the lifters..." In learning from him, that was always my goal, to put on a good meet for the lifters. So, in coming to my events, it was important to me that you were treated well.

I wish everyone the best and I'm thankful for all of the friendships I've gained.

Rick Fowler

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