2005 USAPL Womens Nationals
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Priscilla Ribic

Full Bio
Wt. Class:  67.5 kg. / 148 lbs.

Ht.:  5'2"

Occupation:  Project Manager

Hometown:  Spokane, WA

Family:  1 son, 3 brothers and 1 sister

Website:  www.LittlePowerhouse.com

Action Shots of Priscilla
Full bio for Priscilla
Best Lifts:
" 518 squat; 314 bench; 540 deadlift; 1355 total "

Sports prior to powerlifting:
" None, zero, zippo (weird, huh!?!?) "

Favorite foods:
" Pizza, ice cream & cheesecake! "

Favorite foods if not dieting:
" I come from a family of big eaters, so all of the above and the more the better."

Hobbies and interests outside of powerlifting:
" Anything artistic/creative "

If given an afternoon or entire evening to yourself, you would most likely do what:
" Curl up in the couch and watch a good movie (action, drama & comedy) I am always on the run so any down time is cherished. "

Do you collect anything?
" Snow globes. I have collected some cool ones from the various places I have traveled overseas. "

Last book you read:
" Hmmmm, that'd be a boring one for school. "

Favorite musical artists:
" Not sure, I listen to a lot a different music, but no real favorites. "

If stranded on an island, what book/magazine, cd, food & drink would you want?
" Did you say drink? That'd be a Long Island Ice tea... or two or three. Pizza is the staple of food, I can eat it morning noon and night and bonus, it satisfies all four food groups! I'd take any music over a book/magazine so I can layback, listen to the tunes and daydream. "

People would never guess this about you:
" I am shy and HATE (let me repeat HATE) being up on the platform and in front of people. Hate it so much I get sick before I lift. It has taken 3+ years to start having fun on the platform. They would also never guess this: My hereditary combination that makes me who I am. :) "

If queen for a day you would do what differently:
" I would make afternoon naps mandatory at work. Zzzzzzzzz "

Most impressive feat of strength you have ever seen:
" Not so much feats of strength, but rather lifting that left an impression on me would be: Jenn Maile's 403 WR deadlift rip off the floor like a plate and all of the Russian lifters who execute their lifts like well oiled machines. Their seamless technique intrigues me. "

Who has had the most impact on your career:
" First would be Joel Legard, my first workout partner who thankfully took the time to show me the ropes. I didn't even have a clue what a deadlift was when I wanted to start. Then would be both Larry Maile and my favorite brother Ivan. Both have been my biggest supporters from coaching, to critiquing, to believing in my abilities even far beyond goals I have set for myself. One of my favorites memories is an e-mail Larry sent me way back when talking about my 600kg total when I hadn't even hit a 500kg total yet. I laughed it off, but kept the e-mail for motivation and have obviously gotten that 600kg total on the platform.. now onto the next goal! "

What lifter(s) do you really look up to:
" Jenn Maile, the youngest most accomplished lifter to hit the platform, tiny little girl moving huge amounts of weight. Harriet and Regina for showing me that there is no limit with age, you only get better. Any women who breaks the norm and hits the platform, as most come from very unique backgrounds and situations and manage to juggle it all. "

Give us your quotes for the upcoming Women's Nationals in St. Louis:
" Time to re-write the record books! "

The defining moment that made you realize you wanted to compete:
" High school weight training actually gave me the lifting bug, finally took that goal up 10 years later. "

The defining moment of your life:
" In life would be the birth of my son, he is way too cool for words! In lifting would be as my co-workers told me "it's a chance of a lifetime," when I decided a week and a half before the 2001 Worlds to fill the alternate slot. It was my chance of a life time and things have only gotten better since! "

Priscilla Ribic

Visit Priscilla on the web at www.LittlePowerhouse.com!

Priscilla at the Worlds
Priscilla is the defending
IPF World Champion!

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